Bishop's Stortford Methodist Church

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A photographic record of the progress of the works. 

           New Hall before the works started

 New Hall 14/6

             New Hall 12th July


 Hall before works began

 Hall June 2021

 Hall July 2021


  Old Servery 14th June     

New toilet (old servery)

   new toilet location


  Old Servery 14th June

 Sept 2021 - New toilet (Old Servery)

  Sept 2021 -Toilet location (upper foyer)


            storage area off Wesley Hall


              door from church into hall


 Storage area off Wesley Hall (Oct 21)

 Foyer with toilets removed (Oct 21)

 Doorway between church/hall (Oct 21)


     One set of new toilets leading to the store room

      Changing Places Toilet

     New Kitchen looking to old hall ext door.

 New kitchen looking to servery

 Toilets leading to the store room (Nov 21)

 Changing Places Toilet

 (Nov 21)

 New Kitchen area (Nov 21)

 New kitchen (looking to servery (Nov 21)

       New roof windows

      Hall area

     door church and hall


Skylights (Nov 21)

 Hall view  (Nov 21)

 Church to Hall door (Dec 21)