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* March 2021 *

New flooring has been laid at the back of the church to make good the damage caused by the flood. It is of a much higher standard than what was there before and it will serve us well for years to come.  
The foodbank are almost finished installing a partition in the Wesley Hall to create more storage space for their expanded operations and will soon be able to move back into the Foodbank Room (previously called the Youth Room) and the partitioned area of the Wesley Hall.


Other News

Wool Drops If anyone would like to do some knitting or craft whilst they are at home I can organise wool, needles, patterns etc to be dropped round. Please call me, Kate Rowe, on 07763 863954 to discuss what you would like. You can join in with the Knit and Natter projects, some of which are easy to do, or you can make whatever you like. I can provide some sewing kits as well if you prefer to sew. Craft activities are very good for you, apparently – particularly knitting!

Services on the radio for those not online:
Sundays 8.10am - Radio 4 FM (radio or tv Freeview channel 704)
Daily 8.10am – Radio 4 Long Wave (radio or tv Freesat channel 710,
Sky channel 0143, or Virgin channel 911)

Online Church Services

From local churches: as well as our own Sunday morning service on
Bishops Stortford Methodist Church, 
The Community Church has a Sunday service, and Daily Mass is being streamed from St Joseph’s at 9.30am Mon to Fri, with weekend Masses at 6pm Sat, and 9am, 11am, and 6pm on Sunday at
In addition, the central Methodist Church is working in collaboration with the following churches to provide Sunday worship: 
Wesley's Chapel London Sundays 11am on
Swan Bank Methodist Church in Burslem: Sundays 10:30am on and
Methodist Central Hall Westminster Sundays at 11am
Sthie ('At home') A very different worship experience: join in live on Sundays on their Facebook group. For details see 2020/03/15/sthie-at-home-online-worship/. You can watch previous live-streamed videos at

We hope these four options will offer some breadth from our tradition.

Do you need help coping during the coronavirus crisis? Or can you offer help? Now is the time for Christian love in action – between us, we can ensure that people’s needs are met. If you need help, speak first to your pastoral visitor. If they are unable to help, Maureen Draper has kindly agreed to liaise with people so those who offer help are able to assist the most needy. Equally, if you are able to help with shopping, collection of medicines from a pharmacy, or anything else, please let Maureen know. Maureen’s number is 656255. Let’s all pull together, while remembering to take care of ourselves too – we are all beloved children of God.

Recycling – Unfortunately, the Pringles recycling scheme has been withdrawn and there is no public recycling point for Pringles in the Bishop's Stortford area. Regrettably. we are unable to keep a box outside for crisp packet recycling at the moment so please take your crisp packets for recycling directly to Holy Trinity Church outside of the Night Shelter at the back of the church.