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Diary Dates and News

Thank you so much for praying for Puppets Galore during the last two weeks of term with our presentation of "What's So Surprising About Easter?"  We were able to visit 11 schools and take 13 assemblies (the larger schools need 2 performances as they cannot fit all the children into the hall at the same time).  There were usually 8 team members and only occasionally we dropped to 7.

At one school a member of staff came up to speak to a team member that she knew and said, "I have never been free to be able to see the puppets before.  It has just struck me that Jesus IS alive, today."  This lady and another at the same school both accepted Gideon Testaments.

One grandmother spotted a notice outside school that Puppets Galore were coming in and asked her 5 year old grandson what it was all about.  He replied, “It was a surprise as they had to wait but Jesus came alive again. They were all very excited.”

At another school the nursery teacher approached me after her class was seated saying that Rosie was very excited that people from her church were coming into school and could she bring Rosie up to look behind the puppet stage , because if she didn't do so now, she thought that Rosie would come up during the performance!  I ask the children to click their fingers or play "air guitar" to the songs rather than clap along, so that we can all still hear the words. Rosie was playing "air guitar" for all she was worth!  Some children sang along to one of the songs and others copied the coordination of the bird puppets.  An older lad broke rank as his class were leaving the hall to personally thank Samuel, a team member, who he knew from choir at Church.

Please continue to pray for seeds sown.

Our son Simon (now 26) told me that he had spotted on social media that someone from his primary school had become a Christian.  He contacted her to encourage her and she replied, "You and your Mum were my only Christian witnesses before I came to faith 2 years ago."  (She must have meant "Puppets Galore" because I had never spoken to her on her own; in fact I don't even know who she is but God does!  She is now at Church in London and is working with youth.)

If YOU would like to find out more about Puppets Galore and could give a little time to help with this Outreach Ministry then please contact me. If not, then please keep praying.

God bless, Brenda Baker

The Incredible Journey - HBW 2019 Plans are well under way for this year’s Holiday Bible Week and 10 February is HBW Sunday, when the website will go live. We especially need adults to volunteer as part of the tent teams - we have tent leaders in place already! The launch night date for adult volunteers (previously known as the training night) will be Thursday 6 June and when you will meet the others in your tent team, and the plan for the week will be outlined. This is usually followed by one or two more meetings for each tent team to share ideas for activities. A DBS check will need to be done for those volunteers who don't have one for HBW, but that is a straightforward process! Do consider now whether you can volunteer so we can offer places to as many children as possible usually about 500).