Bishop's Stortford Methodist Church

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House groups

We have three House Groups in which church members and friends meet in a social setting in one home or another. The groups meet at various intervals: weekly, fortnightly or as arranged each time. Some people are members of more than one group and all groups are pleased to welcome new members.
Each group has its own programme to suit the Christian purpose on which the members have decided. Some groups have developed a pattern of longer term Bible studies based on one of the Old or New Testatment books, delving more deeply into the context and meaning. Others elect to follow shorter term studies of one of the Gospels, and how the subjects and portrayal can relate to life in the 21st century. Others have a more social purpose involving a wide range of speakers and discussion of Christian values.                                                    
Gambet Group Wednesday every 3 to 4 weeks at 8pm
Meets for study and fellowship using Bibles, and digital resources.
Renewal Group  1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 8pm
We study the books of the Bible and modern books using teaching tapes, DVDs  and commentariesfinishing with a time of open prayer.

Tangent monthly on a Thursday 8pm

An informal group for 30-40s based around Bible study but often gets side-tracked onto discussing other issues. Also meets for social evenings.
email:  tangent