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GillRevd Gill Hulme

Her Easter Message

As spring flowers emerge, I feel my spirits reviving ,rather like when dawn arises after a sleepless night , bringing hope with the promise of a new day. Thankfully the Easter message is full of such hope , because it speaks of the enduring power of love.

St Paul wrote 'So faith,hope and love abide ;these three abide: these three , but the greatest of these is love, and we believe that Jesus Chris showed us how much God loves us. He didn't say the love of God goes no further ,but rather that the love of God is so deep, that I will die for you. 

The good news is that this was not the end ,as Christ overcame death. This then gives us a depth of hope, resurrection joy, even in the middle of difficult times.. The quality of life that is promised to us is eternal life, not just in the hereafter, because it begins the moment we turn to God, by faith,live in hope and rest in that divine love.

So may I wish you a very joyful Eastertide.                        

Why not have a Coffee  and a Chat with Revd Gill Hulme?
A chance to meet informally with Gill at Coffee Corner Café, South St 
10.00 am- 12 noon Wednesdays 
I have been thinking for a while how to make more links within our local community, something that was requested when Graham and I came on our first visit to Stortford. I'm therefore going to be available roughly fortnightly on a Wednesday morning - over the road in Coffee Corner. The first one of these 'coffee & chats' will be on Wednesday 24 January between 10am and 12noon in the cafe. I know that often there isn't time on a Sunday morning to chat at length and I hope that this will offer another opportunity (I am also often around on Thursday and Saturday mornings). I hope that it will also mean that I am seen out and about by the local community! If no-one arrives,then that is OK as Coffee Corner has wifi so I can work if no one wants to chat.

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